Shortlisted Candidates

More than 200 applications were received for the M.Tech. program in Energy Transition and Sustainability at IIT Delhi - Abu Dhabi, for the inaugural batch starting in January 2024. As this program is a sponsored program, it will have 15-18 candidates selected from the employees of a corporate entity in the UAE. The results for these candidates would be declared after receiving the final approval from the organisation. For all the other candidates who appeared for the selection test (if relevant) and interview on December 10, 12, 13, or 14, 2023, the following 7 candidates are provisionally shortlisted for admission, subject to them meeting all documentation requirements and visa processing.

Sr. Name
1 Ankit Kumar
2 Tanay Das
3 Mehbooba C
4 Sherin S Das
5 Sarthak Mazumder
6 Bilal Rasheed
7 Paramita Mazumdar

All above candidates are being contacted by IIT Delhi for follow-up paperwork. IIT Delhi wishes the very best to candidates who could not qualify in the selection process.

IIT Delhi - Abu Dhabi

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